Rubbishing Australia

Having travelled from the east coast of Australia, across to the west coast, and stopped frequently, as I do to take a break from driving so that I keep alert, at some of the roadside parking areas, I am shocked at how others leave their rubbish.  There are at most of these places huge bins to put rubbish, and some have lids on them to prevent birds and animals from having access to food scraps etc, but it is not that.  Clearly, people just chuck their rubbish in these parks.

Often I walk along a road, to get access to a better photograph, and see so much debris (old bottles, plastic and glass, some clearly having been hurled from the window of a passing vehicle) on the side of the road.  In creeks again, the flotsam and jetsam of stupid, irresponsible humans is staggering

I am truly horrified at the mess people leave behind.

The top two photos I took on the way across the Nullabor to Eucla, and I have a suspicion that some of the debris left at these places is left by campers, and the bottom one with the incinerator and old toilet was just sound of Dongara.

Clearly, there needs to be more work done to Keep Australia Beautiful - as an Aussie I am ashamed that visitors to our country, or even clean Aussies touring our country have to see this shameful degradation of our countryside.

I might add too, that I look in some horror at debris left on farming properties - while I understand how/why old machinery is left behind, but there is much old fencing, old tin, timber, old tyres and other debris left around to mar the beauty that is Australia.  Disgusting.

( I choose not to take too many photos of the rubbish - I don't want is painful to see!)


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