Perth and Freemantle

After two wonderful days in Rockingham, I drove on to Perth to meet another friend and stayed a few more days. We kept up a pretty busy pace visiting the city of Perth, wandering around the State Library, city malls, and having a good look around.  We parked the car at Midland, and caught the train into the city, and one day went on to Freemantle.

London Court

We waited for the Freemantle Tram which takes visitors around, but we waited a long time at what we thought was the right stop, but it didn't come, so we hopped on a bus to go to the Freemantle Gaol, but missed the stop there and ended up near the waterfront and the WA Museum Shipwreck Galleries.  There is so much history here, but the major exhibit that impressed me was the story, and relics from the Batavia.  

A brief story of the history of the Batavia, which ran aground off the Abrolhos Islands off the Western Australian coast, in 1629 is in Wikipedia, - but seeing what is left of the hull of the ship and the various other cargo and other items found when the wreck was found in the years between 1970 and 1974.

The WA Museum Shipwreck Galleries at Freemantle

A piece of the Hull in the Museum

 We spent quite a bit of time in the museum reading, and exploring the various exhibits, and then headed to the restaurant precinct for lunch.

Great fish and chips meal was enjoyed at Cicerellos overlooking a fleet of  fishing boats and a fleet of happy seagulls, before we caught the free (Hop on Hop off ) bus back to the old railway station for the train trip back to Midland.

The railway station is in the midst of the harbour of Freemantle, with a view of some of the huge ships loading and unloading their cargo, and though it is only a quick view as the train speeds off, there are some old buildings to see, an obelisk and delightful scenery.


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