Saturday, February 9

Margaret River

Augusta is a great base for travelling around the south western tip of Western Australia, and I managed to do several tours in the area, including Cape Leeuwin, Bunbury and the Margaret River.  I had visited more than enough wineries in my journey - in McLaren Vale, Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and at Port Lincoln along the way, but of course, as I was told on more than one occasion, the Margaret River was the place to go to!!  How could I miss it???

However, my first stops were at various cave attractions, but I did not venture into one.  Each time I have the opportunity of seeing an attraction like this (mine, lighthouse, cave etc) I ask about the number of stairs I need to climb, (up - down) etc.  There are too many for me.  Those close to me will know my fear of falling on stairs, and I ponder what would happen if some accident were to befall me on this journey.  I chicken out.  However, I did stop for coffee in one of the cave visitor centres.  There are several in the region between Augusta and the Margaret River.

I drove into the town of Margaret River which is well worth a look, though I only did a short walk through the main street, though I did visit the actual river itself and take some photos.  It certainly has an interesting collection of shops and restaurants.

There are acres and acres of vineyards, wineries and other tourist spots along the highway, and it certainly is a very beautiful area.  Which winery would I visit?  As I was on my own, the  idea of having too much 'wine tasting' was high on my mind, and in the end it wasn't the wine that tempted me.  It was food.

Quite by accident I came across a fantastic property, winery and restaurant.  It was Voyager Estate Winery, and when I turned into the car park, I found it hard to stop my jaw from dropping.  It was a truly awesome sight in front of me.

I think the first thing that I saw was a huge Australian flag, flying high above the most beautiful property I have laid eyes on since I started this journey.

Then I approached the gateway to an extra ordinary garden, which led on to a famous rose garden.

The building itself housed among other things,  a tasting room with wonderfully attentive staff, but I went on to see what the restaurant was like.  OMG!  It was awesome.

I have taken a few more photos, and would love to have taken many more IN the restaurant itself, but it was a busy day, and there were many diners, so I didn't want to embarrass them, or me!!  However, I did produce my camera to take a photo of the Marron dish I ordered for my lunch.  Simple, but the taste was amazing!  More, more....... I should have begged, but I behaved.

I even denied myself a glass of wine, but after the Marron and a delightful cheese platter, I did venture into the Wine tasting area, and sipped on a few samples that were offered to me, and I hoped I had little enough to get me through any Booze Bus test on the way back to Augusta.  (Luckily there was none!)

Vines covered to protect the grapes from the birds.

Beautiful arbor 


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