Saturday, February 2


What a beautiful place Esperance is!!!  The weather was perfect, my accommodation was great, and I drove around checking things out, taking my trusty camera with me.

Near my accommodation, was the Tanker Jetty, so called because it was the original town jetty and tankers, (fuel etc) unloaded there, but now it is a rather sad and sorry sight as it is badly in need of repairs, though I heard that it was about to be replaced by a new one.  There are always folk fishing there, with some success I note.  There is a spot towards the beginning of the jetty where fisherfolk can clean their fish, and below is this wonderful fellow, who has been there for a long time, fattening himself up on the debris from the fish cleaning!  I noted there were others of his 'family' along the beach.

Australia's first wind farm was at Esperance - not at this location, but here
above  the town, are plenty of mills producing electricity from the wind.

Huge boulders are everywhere around Esperance, and provide protected waters for swimmers, boats etc, and make for spectacular photos too.

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