Thursday, February 7


Augusta is a small town on the furthest south west corner of Western Australia, with a fairly small permanent population, which increases dramatically during holiday periods as there are a number of caravan parks, and plenty of holiday accommodation.  The town's history is very interesting - its earliest settlement was abandoned after a few years, but later people moved back into the town, and it is now a bustling beach side place, just south of the famous Margaret River winery area.  The population is around 1500.

Nearby is Cape Leeuwin with the lighthouse complex which is open to the public (for a fee) but at a beautiful spot where the Indian Ocean and the  Southern Ocean meet.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

The water wheel which delivered fresh water from the nearby spring to the
staff at the lighthouse.

Part of the water wheel delivering fresh water - now overgrown by weeds

Old Town Jetty in Augusta on the Blackwood River

In the timber forests north of Augusta

On my own I drove around the area taking photographs of the extra ordinary forests, seaside scenery, rocks, Cape Leeuwin, Blackwood River, and the surrounding area.  It is so beautiful with so much to see.

Just north of Augusta are a series of caves, and while I visited the cave area, I did not like the idea of climbing down, and later up many of the steps to see underground, in part scared by my experience at the mine in Silverton.

Certainly though, when I return, I know there is much more to explore.

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