Another Adventure in Dongara

It was planned to visit a winery not far from Dongara, but first we had lunch on the foreshore at Port Denison.  I had made Spring Rolls with prawns, cucumber and carrot batons, show pea shoots, spring onion, lettuce, onion, and we had them packed in plastic food containers, one each.

There was a slight breeze on the waterfront, and it was most pleasant sitting under one of the shelters (built by Lions members) overlooking the cray fishing fleet.  There were a few seagulls quietly resting on the sands, and we noticed one with a droopy wing nearby.  We threw it some prawn tail that we had, and it ate them enthusiastically one by one.  Then it appeared to become quite aggressive and set out to protect its “patch” much to our amusement.  Any other bird that came by was given strong marching orders!!!!  It must have been a bad day for seagulls as shortly after there was a major altercation between two of them down on the sand.  One had another by the neck, and there was much screeching and fluttering of wings and feathers, before they gave up their fight further up on the lawn.

We left shortly afterwards, and after visiting Dongara to do a few chores we set off for the winery, and for a number of reasons won’t go into detail about a very rewarding visit there with friends, and we returned to Dongara after a taste of some wine, and with a few gifts that were completely unexpected, but most welcome.  The winery is not operating at the moment.

We headed back to Dongara in a very happy mood – until just over the bridge that crosses the Irwin River, we were pulled over to a RBT.  OMG.  We had been drinking wine!  I had of course been mindful that I was the driver and over several hours only sipped about one glass of wine.  It was the second time that I had faced the RBT in a week, but this time I HAD been drinking, so I was a bit apprehensive when I was asked to ‘Blow, blow, blow.” The policemen asked me if I had been drinking, and I replied that I had, during a visit to the winery.  Luckily the machine only registered that I had been drinking, but the level had not eached anything to be concerned about.  Phew!!!

My passenger thought she was a bit tipsy though, and we had a few laughs on the short drive to her place.


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