Albany to Augusta

It was another long drive from Albany to Augusta, nearly 400 kms and I probably did more than as I will explain later.  One of the places I wanted to visit was the Valley of the Giants, which was not far from the highway between Denmark and Walpole.  There was a fairly short drive into the tourist spot, which has a sky walk high in the midst of huge trees.
(I had a bit of fun as I sent a message to Facebook that I was in Denmark - trying to create the idea that I had somehow been spirited off to Europe!)

One of the many challenges I face as I travel is lack of time.  How wonderful it would be to spend a few days in these places.  I could have and perhaps should have gone on the longer walk through the trees, but I only managed to do the walk on the sky bridge that took us some 40 meters up into the tops of some of the trees.  There were many trees whose canopy reached far higher than where we stood.

I accidentally managed to waste some time (and fuel) as I drove into Pemberton, (glad I did so), but when driving out the other side, I was confused by the signage, and checking on my GPS and map, I felt I had gone the wrong way, so did a u-turn, and went back into Pemberton, and joined the road I had been on, the Vasse Highway.  I had gone through to the South Western Highway, which would have taken me many kilometres out of my way.

Pemberton is a neat little town, with a lot of history including old buildings, and I stopped and enjoyed some calories from a little bakery.

So back on the Vasse Highway, and I was soon on track again.  I don’t always use the GPS – and in any case it is wise only to use it as a ‘guide’ some time as on more than one occasion it has thrown me off track.  I do have the map in front of me all the time, but not always seeking directions.

Late in the afternoon I arrived at Augusta, and quite accidentally found the home of my cousin and her husband - I had seen a photo of it on Google Earth some 12 months before and was astounded that I had turned up right in front of the house.  I had intended to stay for only two nights, but in the end I stayed four, enjoying great hospitality and the scenery around Augusta and the Margaret River area.


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