Winery and Fire

As I drove into Port Lincoln, I wondered if there was a winery in the area, and quite surprisingly I noticed one on the right overlooking the water as I headed into town. (Mental note:  Must visit before I leave!)
The winery, Boston Bay Winery, has been in operation for around 28 years, and has a fabulous view over the water - something that not many wineries in Australia would have, I am sure.

The Winery and Function Room

Grapes ripening

View from the Winery

View from the Winery

Ship approaching port - view from the Winery

It was here that I met Boston Bay Winery Chef, Tony Ford, and we had quite a chat.  He showed me an amazing looking cook book featuring the products from the Eyre Peninsula, and as I sipped my wine I looked through it.  Ooops!  So many things about it that worried me as a writer and some time editor.  It was written by a local lady who clearly did not have the services of a quality editor.

It reminded me of a book published years ago (a novel) which was so full of errors that I would not recommend anyone paying for it.  I had been assured that the writer had paid $1000 for an editor, but I guess I have learned that it really costs more than that for a quality editor, and that, in any case, the more editors one has the better.

In the cook book I saw at the winery, there were many English grammar errors e.g. "you're"  when it should have been "your", and many others I won't quote here.  And the price of the book was around $60!!!  Certainly not value for money I don't think.

As I like a light sweet wine, and there was none on their menu, I 'tested' others - quite nice drops, but I ended up ordering a Reisling Mistelle, which I loved.  It is a liqueur really and just so yummy.  I ordered a bottle!  He gave me a cook book on seafood of the region, and a DVD, which I look forward to reading.  So glad I went.

After leaving the Winery, (dare not keep drinking as I don't need a DUI charge!), and took a few more photos, including one of a ruin of an old home, where the settlers would have had a wonderful view of the bay.

Under the roadway


Makybe Diva 

The racehorse Makybe Diva won three Melbourne Cups, and is recognised by the statue above on the seafront.

As I was heading back to the Cabin, I decided to get some petrol and came across the drama of the Target Store on fire.  Photos below.


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