Update Kalgoorlie to Esperance

My apologies to anyone who has missed my updates - but I have had limited internet access - and it has been difficult to upload photos and do my whole thing, so I have chosen to update it with some photos (of which there are many!)

I am currently in Rockingham, which is about 50 kms south of Perth.

I did stay in Kalgoorlie for two nights, at the  Best Western Hospitality Inn on Hannan St, Kalgoorlie, which was very convenient to all I needed.  They were a friendly bunch, and I met some great travellers around the pool too.  I drove around and checked out many of the sights, but one could really spend days there, as there is so much to see.  As readers would know I did the Bordello Tour and the Super Pit Tour.  There appears to be great shopping in Kal, but I did little more than window shop.

Me on the Mine Tour
My next destination was Esperance, however I did go via Coolgardie, which is a very interesting place.  There is so much history, so many old buildings - and well worth a visit of a day or two, not just a quick drive through as I did.

Back through Norseman again - how sad this place is.

Lake Curtin

There was fabulous scenery all around.  Could have stayed longer, but I progressed on and on to Esperance down on the coast, and checked into accommodation.  I had been told that there was no accommodation available in Esperance as I had tried to book from Kalgoorlie, so when I arrived at Esperance, I was not sure what to expect, but as I drove in, there was a big sign "Vacancy" so I booked into a great little holiday spot, just near the jetty.


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