Saturday, January 5

To Burra via Maggie Beer's.

I set off from my sister's around 11 am - waited for the postman and there were a couple of letters for me including one from my favourite (only) grandson, who replied to my Christmas gifts.  There is still some mail somewhere between Brisbane and Adelaide - don't know when I will get it now.

It is frustrating that I see so many things to take photos of but (a) can't always stop and (b) I wouldn't get far if I stopped for all the things I wanted to snap.

I bypassed Gawler this time and went in to Nuriootpa, (funny I notice that we always say Nurioopta with the ta on the end, not the pa) - as I wanted to visit Maggie Beer's.  It was stinking hot, I think the temperature as registered with my car was 45 degrees, and it was very busy.  I walked in and look around the place - would love to have taken some more photos but it was just so busy, I bought some pate and left resolving to return another (cooler) day.

The farm shop overlooks a lovely lake and many diners were lucky enough to be seated with a grand view of the lake, with turtles swimming around.

The Function Centre at Maggie's

The Lake

Can you see the turtles?
I was also impressed to see that Maggie's Restaurant uses Bamboo Cutlery, rather than plastic - I wish more people would invest in these rather than the plastic variety.

Wandering around the farm was out of the question too - I did set off, but didn't get far, as the sun was so fierce, I decided I must return.  One day, I will return.

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