Saturday, January 19

The Bordello Tour

The tourist info said "Questa Casa - Australia's oldest working brothel. Taking a tour of Questa Casa is like stepping back in time. Built at the turn of the century (that is 1901) the famous Hay Street landmark is Kalgoorlie's only historical brothel and a tour of the pretty pink establishment is both fun and informative" So do I do a Mine Tour or a Brothel Tour?

When I arrived at the iconic pink corrugated iron building I rang the bell, and a lady answered.  I was to learn that she is Carmel, the madam of a still functioning brothel, though only a shadow of its heyday.  She tells the story that she lived in Sydney, and clearly from her voice a rather well educated, could I say "posh" sounding lady.  She was widowed and subsequently depressed and her doctor suggested she do something useful with her life.  The story of how she became the madam at Questa Casa is fascinating, and when she returned to her doctor and told her that she had bought a brothel in Kalgoorlie, her doctor remarked with shock "I thought you'd do something like charity work!"

Carmel has owned the brothel for around 20 years, and now there are only two or three working girls, as there are 'escorts' all around Kalgoorlie since the government decided to change the law and make it easier for girls to work without the safety of a madam.

The first hour we learned the history of brothels in the mining town of Kalgoorlie, when gold was found.  This particular brothel was built in 1901, and has had few changes since then.  Even in one of the rooms the metal ceilings were still in place.

She told of some of the exploits (sexploits) of the girls, who were all registered and approved by the local police, something that is not done now.   One call could manage 70 clients in a night - the mind boggles.  She was a lady from Europe who worked in Kalgoorlie for six months of the year, for 25 years!!!!

There were many hilarious stories.

Going to Kalgoorlie????  This is a must do!!!!

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