I drove from Burra to Saddleworth, stopping to take photos along the way.  I marvel, will always marvel at the folk who settled here in the early history of South Australia, and who lived in the stone houses, many of which are ruins these days, along the roads, with very limited resources.  Water of course was hard to come by, winters were freezing cold, and summers (just as we are experiencing now) were/are hot and dry.  It is around 45 degrees outside right now - a dry heat which to me is much more bearable than the really hot and humid days one experiences from time to time in Queensland.

I did go short distances off the main Barrier Highway, if I could see old homes on roads stretching into the distance.  Much of the land is these days used to grow crops such as canola, which will entice me to return and take some photos when the canola, brilliant yellow flowers, are blooming.  For now though, the golden stubble covers much of the fields.

Once upon a time there was a busy railway from Adelaide through to Broken Hill, but now the track is closed and of course the stations.  I had previously posted a photo of an old station and I hope to see another one tomorrow.  In the photos below you can see the tracks, and how they have covered them on roadways.  Makes for good photos I think.

On the main road there were a number of houses and churches - all deserted now, but it does make you realise that once upon a time there was a thriving community that has since moved on.  I love it that some of the buildings are well preserved, but clearly a lot of money is needed to keep them all in tip top condition.

I arrived in Saddleworth just before lunch, and found my friend's house.  In fact I phoned her and she said, "turn right" - I was in fact out the front of her house!  We've had a good time, chatting about our families and old times especially the times where we were both trainee nurses in Mt Gambier Hospital.

Her house is air conditioned, so we are "hiding" from the terrible heat outside.


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