Sunday, January 13

Port Lincoln

Yesterday I did little - I had to sort out some things in the car, and I was feeling a little unwell - have a bit of a cold coming I think - sort throat etc., so I rested up a bit.  Today when I woke it was raining - so did little in the morning, but when the weather brightened up and the rain stopped I went out to take some photos.

Driving into Port Lincoln, with the sea on the left, I could see how picturesque the place is, and how lovely it would be to live here, especially if you like fish.  There are three tuna cages in the bay, and further is a huge wharf which is connected to massive grain silos as this port is where much of the wheat etc is sent overseas.

A Port Lincoln seagul

I think it is a giant kestrel out by the water
I had driven around to the Marina, and generally driven around the busy town centre, but I keep going back to the wonderful views out over the water from the 'centre' of town.  I visited a local winery, but before and after I took these photos.

View to the huge silos and wharf area

Up high looking back over the sea

Ruins of an early settlers cottage overlooking the sea.

Jetty where the oil is off loaded for the refinery nearby

A ship carrying oil arrives in the port
Port Lincoln Jetty

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