Monday, January 14

Port Lincoln to Ceduna

 It has been a long day, and a long drive.  Some 470 kms I think all up, because I detoured to see places that were off the main road.  I may never get here, so visited a number of places.  Coffin Bay we hear about a lot, because of the oysters there, and as I was walking along the jetty, some children called me as there was a baby seal, which had been swimming alone and struggled up onto the rocks under the jetty. Poor little thing.  A lady there phoned the Parks and Wildlife and were waiting for someone to come.  It looked exhausted.

The jetty had a number of large fishing boats tied up, but it was pretty quiet.  A pretty place with many holiday houses around the waterfront.  Great holiday destination.

There really is so much to see all along the coast here, from spectacular scenery of the Great Australian Bight, to interesting country side.

Stone fences
All along are piles of stones - some piles are where farmers had picked the stones out to make sure they could plant crops without fouling tractors etc, while others are the remains of old homes ruined by time, and others are the fences that the early settlers created out of the plentiful supply of stones.  Most of the stone fences are falling down, but many are incorporated in current fencing.

And among it all was a wonderful little 'eating house' from long ago, and further on the watering hole that Edward John Eyre found his water for his travels across the peninsula that was named after him.

At one point near Lake Hamilton I headed off the highway to a cairn erected in honour of a man who lost his life trying to rescue a friend in the waters below.  Such wonderful scenery I would not have seen if I had not gone to explore.

There really is so much to see - and even in this stretch I took nearly 70 photos, which made my trip a little longer.  I am so tired - will stay in Ceduna two nights as I have some long drives ahead of me.

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