Saturday, January 19


I had no idea that this little town had fallen into the doldrums. Norseman is a town that I have known of for many years, and I had the misconception that it was perhaps a larger town than it appears to be.  It is of course a mining town, and up near the mine there are may cabins which appear to be for the miners, and I am not aware if the mine is serviced by FIFO’s (Fly in Fly Out miners).  There are some lovely spots in town, and I especially like the corrugated iron camels that inhabit one of the roundabouts.  However, it is like some of the other old towns that I have passed on my way though western Queensland, New South Wales, and  South Australia and I am sure there are more in WA, where the town has fallen in to disrepair due to the falling population and financial fortunes of the towns for a whole range of reasons.  I don’t have any suggestions, but can only comment that the towns look sad and in desperate need of an injection of enthusiasm, funds and a greater reason to be.

There is so much character in these places, but one can also see how difficult it must be for folk to live here.  There is a supermarket in the town, only one, so there is little choice for the locals, and no inspiration or funds to improve things.  The old supermarket was quite depressing really, an old building which clearly could do with a facelift, but probably no funds to do so.

I was surprised to discover a Woolworths supermarket between Norseman and Kalgoorlie, at a place called Kambalda which seems to be going ahead in leaps and bounds.  There are many mines in both areas, but clearly Kambalda is on the receiving end of funds for development.

I stayed in one of the caravan parks at Norseman, which was quite good (not the best I have been in), but more than comfortable.    In these dry dusty places there are few lawns or gardens, but clearly the management is trying to make this one look better.  It can’t be easy!

View from my cabin

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