Sunday, January 6

Moving On

I am leaving Burra today.  I have been staying at my cousin's place in Burra, but we have been hiding from the heat.  Sitting in air conditioning chatting about our family, old times, travels etc.

He has a new computer - an awesome Toshiba  all in one computer. It is like a big screen, with a DVD player behind the screen, which is a touchscreen that he got from Harvey Norman's.  I must say I am impressed with it.  No longer the huge box that used to come with a computer - just the one item that does all.  I told him I'd take it with me - but I can't fit it in the car.

I am off to Saddleworth today.a little town with probably less than 500 inhabitants.  A friend from nursing days is there and I will spend a day or so with her.  It is somewhat of a backtrack - going back about 50 kms towards Adelaide, but dates were a challenge.

I will be passing this house again, which is opposite a salt lake (which has no water in it at the moment), but in years gone by had so much water that there was even boating on it and a yacht club.  Porters Lagoon is white now - so plenty of salt to harvest apparently.

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