I hadn’t booked accommodation in Kal, (as the locals call it), and I had to call into a few places before I found a room at the Best Western Motel.  I had a look around town – certainly a lot bigger than I had imagined, and quite go ahead, especially with the local mines doing so well.

I called in to the local Visitor Information Centre, as I usually do, and found some information.  One “must do” apparently is the Mine Tour.

The Mine Tour is usually booked out, and I procrastinated about doing it.  I did go up to the lookout and see down into what they call “The Super Pit” and went back to the motel for  a rest, and while doing so discovered that there was a very interesting tour due to start shortly, so I called up and booked a spot.  What an interesting tour that was.

The tour was the Bordello Tour - where I learned so much, about the history of brothels in Kalgoorlie, and how they operated.  My daughter phoned me while I was there, in fact just minutes before the tour closed, and I cancelled the call, then phoned her back, and when I told her I was in a brothel, there were loud guffaws, and soon the story appeared on Facebook!


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