Tuesday, January 8

Hot, but great.

I was happy not to go anywhere in the heat, but C and I headed off for a visit to Leasingham to a lovely winery, O'leary Walker Winery.  Way above the vineyards is the building which houses the visitors centre and restaurant, and it was beautifully air conditioned.  We had a fabulous cheese platter and some wine for lunch, and enjoyed the scenery, food and wine.

It was back to C's house afterwards, and we just enjoyed the air conditioning, chatting and reading from our ebook readers.

I did go for a long walk around the town of Saddleworth with my camera early this morning before the heat became a problem, then back to the house and packed my car.  I took off via an old deserted railway station, at Merildin, off the main road, so my car now does not look grey, but rather yukky white.  I had gone an off road route to take some photos, and after visiting the station, I went through to Mintaro (famous for the slate that is used in homes in South Australia and other places no doubt).

I am really overwhelmed by all the history in this area.  I knew there were many places here, but as I am free to stop, and explore further, I have found some amazing places.  I know Adelaide is called "The City of Churches", but I believe South Australia should be named "The State of Churches".  It is incredible to see how many of them are dotted around this area - many of them abandoned, but still standing strong. I've taken many photos, but there are far more than I have seen.

C and I met up in Clare, at the Clare Hotel, where we had lunch and a few games on the pokies, before she headed off to see a friend, and I set off to Gladstone.  I had intended to check out staying in the Gaol, but I had no success making contact with them, so I arrived in Gladstone without anywhere to stay.  There's not a lot of choice - one of the B and B's was occupied, so  after chatting with a volunteer at the Information Centre, I set off for the Gladstone Caravan Park, and luckily one of their cabins was available.  I am impressed with it.  Better than any I have stayed in so far.  Air conditioning again, and I have been given permission to wash my car as long as I do it on the lawn.  Later, when it is cooler.

View from Oleary Walker Winery, Leasingham

Olive Grove adjacent to Oleary Walker  Winery. Leasingham
Main Street of Saddleworth

Merilden Railway Station - abandoned years ago
Magpie and Stump Hotel Mintaro
Knaptstein Winery, Clare

Gladstone Railway Station - no longer in use, but I remember it from years ago.

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