Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year!!! Twenty-Thirteen is here!

So it will be my last few days in Adelaide, the city of my birth. I am moving to my sister's place for a couple of days before returning to Burra for a further two days, then to Saddleworth which is about 50 kms south of Burra, and then I head to Port Pirie.  I worked out that I have some 18,000 kms to drive - that is just getting from place to place, without taking into account the wanderings I do within the town or city, so by the time my new car is one year old, I will have done 30,000 kms in it.  I bought the Mitsubishi Lancer with a view to doing the trip and so far it has not disappointed.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge is on my agenda for 2013 - and so I have completed my first post, though I have a lot of learning to do - still trying to master Blogging.

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