Saturday, January 19


Eucla is nothing more than a small settlement these days and certainly a popular spot for folk to take time out of the long drive across the Nullabor.  It is also famous for the role it played in Australia’s early history when a telegraph station was built between the current settlement and the sea, and a jetty made it possible for provisions to be delivered by sea.  It is also one of the places famed explorer Edward John Eyre passed through in 1867.

There is little left of the telegraph station now, long since deserted, and the jetty has fallen into disrepair, but it is a lovely 1 km walk from the parking area near the telegraph station ruin.
The beach has pristine white sand, and it certainly is beautiful.
Sand hills and the tree that I knew I had to return to after walking through the sandhills and bush

What remains of the Telegraph station

More of the ruins of the Telegraph station

Remains of the jetty at Eucla

Pristine white beach at Eucla

If you ever pass through Eucla, take time to drive to the Old Telegraph station and walk the 1 km to the beach, but make sure you know how to return.  In the distance on the beach there is a group of young people, European backpackers I think, but I just hoped they (a) had worked out how to return to their campervan and (b) did so before sunset.  It would be difficult to find one's way at night!!

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