Ceduna to Eucla

After a wonderful crab dinner, thanks to the gent I saw on the jetty, who honoured his promise to give me some crabs.  Two awesome crabs, just for me.  Actually I would love to have had my own net and tried to catch some - he was doing it easily.  Perhaps at another spot I might try.

My first brief stop was at Penong - I went into the General Store, which was rather weird to me.  Some sad fruit and vegetables, in a shop that had empty shelves.  I just bought a Ginger beer.  I was looking for food, but there was nothing there that appealed.  Penong is a very old settlement, surrounded by wheat farms, and windmills.  I learned that it was called the town of 1000 windmills.  I had taken photos of some water storage and old windmills, but surprised to see so many in the town.

Old water storage

Some of the many windmills on the edge of Penong

I didn't see a roo or a wombat!

Ruins of an old school

I detoured to Head of the Bight, and highly recommend it.  I heard one traveller say they don't intend to pay anything to see our Australian coast, but to me it was $5 well worth spending, as there are two walk ways from the Head of Bight Centre, and the views are spectacular.

Path to viewing platforms at Head of Bight
View of cliffs to the right

View to the left

There are many spots along the Eyre Highway to detour and have a closer look at the Great Australian Bight, many are listed as spots to take photos, but others are not named but easily accessed.  There are so many wonderful views.


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