Ceduna at Dawn

Ceduna is quite beautiful.  I walked along the foreshore for a short time last evening and met a lady who has ridden her motorbike around Australia taking less than a month.  She lives in Perth and is on her way back to start work on Monday.

The scenery is certainly beautiful, with a lovely jetty reaching out from the town itself, with a lovely hotel overlooking the bay and jetty.

The hotel at dawn

Baby albatross

Mother Albatross looks on

There was a baby albatross scrambling around eating old bait, with a mother sitting on the light above keeping an eye on things.  There was also a lovely bloke catching swimmer crabs - he lives in Perth, but spends several months a year at Ceduna, and enjoys catching the crabs.  He had about 5 pots at the jetty and left each for about 10 minutes, then pulled up, most of the time with two or three crabs in them.  He has promised to drop two to my cabin later.  Mmmm.  I can't wait.

Bloke catching blue swimmer crabs


Great pics and post Di. Enjoy your trip.



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