Sunday, December 30

Ultimate Blog Challenge is on Again

I have done it before, and will endeavour to complete it again.  It is a project by a number of ladies in the US - with lots of information on blogging and how to get more readers.  One has to post something on the blog on a daily basis - not too difficult for me at the moment as I roam around Australia.

If there are any readers who are keen to learn more about blogging, I can recomment the Ultimate Blog Challenge - either click on the banner to the right or click this link and register.  Untimate Blog Challenge.  It is FREE.  It starts on January 1st, and it really doesn't matter if you are a day or two late!!

I have only two more nights at this house sit, and while I appreciated the accommodation here for the last two weeks, which enabled me to stay in Adelaide and not impose on my family, I am keen to go.  I actually enjoyed in many ways looking after all the animals, but I am not keen on animals in the house and while they were not permitted in the bedroom area, they stayed in the family room and kitchen.  One dog snores loudly - so much so that if she has her head near the door adjoining the bedroom section of the house, I can hear it from the bedroom. 

Actually it is a nice house, though it does need some work on it.  It is a nice old Unley house, about a hundred years old, but with renovations at the back of the house.  It is close to the shops of Unley, (walking distance - so great), and I have enjoyed being able to do my own thing, once the animals are all fed, cleaned, watered etc.

I really have appreciated being here - amongst so much history - the old stone and brick houses that I was once familiar with, and exploring other parts of Adelaide that I had long forgotten, or not visited.  I have been able to visit family and keep on doing what I choose to do.

Among things that I hope not to forget, as I do think they will be indelibly imprinted on my memory are:

  • Fields of gold - grain crops either ready for harvest or the stubble left behind after harvesting

  • Agapanthus - I had no idea that the plant/flower was so popular here - they feature in many gardens and public places, and one image that I will not forget is the left hand side of the road entering the town of Tanunda.

  • The contrast in the wine areas of McLaren Vale and Barossa (and no doubt other areas) of the bright green of the vines, adjacent to fields of gold.

  • The awesome old (often deserted) old dwellings that are dotted around mostly rural areas of South Australia.  I often ponder these - some clearly still loved, but too costly to restore, and others deserted and continuing to decline.

  • The stone ( and brick) buildings of Adelaide.  Often very old buildings, but wonderfully newer buildings are also being built.  Restoring of old buildings is an valuable art.

  • Corrugated Iron.   Of course the old buildings had corrugated iron roofing, and the verandas were curved corrugated iron, but I am impressed how it is still used - often in fences, but still new roofing is corrugated in some areas.  (I am told though that modern corrugated iron is not as strong as the old product, and hail can piece it!)

Here are some of the flowers in the garden here, and some of the produce I have collected.

 And here is just one of my charges..............

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