Travelling Verbena

It was on my way to Miles (Qld) that I noticed a field of purple flowers.  Those who know me, know that purple is my favourite colour, and the flowers certainly attracted my attention, though it was so beautiful that I guess any field of colour would have had appeal.  I had no idea what flower it was though, but guessed it was not the Salvation Jane that is seen in South Australia.  When in Miles I asked and learned that it was Verbena.

In the following days I saw plenty of Verbena along the side of the road, but nothing as spectacular as that field of purple.  Unfortunately I was unable to stop and take a photos, but subsequently I did photograph other Verbena.  As I guessed it is not native to Australia, but native to America and Europe and has gone wild around some parts of our country.  Much to the annoyance of the local country folk, as I have learned.  So much so, that they get angry that Verbena is sold by nurseries and retailers around the country.

It does not seem to do a lot of harm on its own, though it displaces other native grasses and plants.

Wild Verbena

Any gardener knows that many plants that are not native to Australia have "escaped" and have infiltrated our parks, and country side.  It is a shame, but there's no doubt that it is a lost cause now. 
I discovered Verbena all along the highway.