The Saga of My Shoes

Living on the go as I have done for the past few years, I limit (or try to) the amount of 'stuff' I carry around with me.   If it does not fit in my car, in my suitcase, or whatever, I don't take it.  When it comes to shoes I know they take up a lot of space.  I have big feet which doesn't help my cause!

I carry thongs (don't like wearing them usually, but they can be useful), have an 'old' pair of shoes for 'around the house', two good pairs (or good enough for most events), and that's it.  I guess too, readers, you also know that I buy (almost) anything that is in the shops that is PURPLE.   One day when wandering around Marion Shopping Centre, I spied some PURPLE shoes (actually CROC look alikes), for only $3.  So I bought them.  When I showed mys sister my bargain purchase, she was unimpressed.  "Where would you use those!???" she asked.

As it turns out, they have been a great investment.  When I moved into this house sit, I did not know that I would need my 'crocs' and other 'old' shoes.  As the dogs live in the living room, I chose not to go bare footed, so I use my "old around the house" shoes in the house.  When I go outside I can use my thongs, but when I go into the hen house, my 'crocs' are invaluable - keeping my feet from copious chook poo underfoot.  And I  can hose them clean when my hen house chores are done. 

I must say I am more inclined to buy the real Crocs too - as I have learned that they can be very useful, and the Crocs brand does have some awesome shoe designs in their stores.  I guess $3 shoes for the chook pen is good value too, and I am sure they have a much shorter life than the real ones!

Some of my chooks/hens in the hen house.


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