Silverton currently has a population of 50 people, but is a thriving little spot some 22 kilometers from Broken Hill.  I knew that it was a place where a number of great movies had been filmed including The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and Mad Max and many other movies.

The above was filmed in the Silverton Hotel - and I just wanted to see the place for myself.

The Silverton Pub (the Mad Max car on the right)

Inside the pub!
The hotel bar is fairly small - a quare space where the drinks and food is served, a small kitchen to the rear and plenty of outdoor eating areas, a stage between two trucks etc.  Dangling from the ceiling are a host of funny jokes - hand written on cardboard with string attached.  I had a chat with the boss lady (she and her husband own the pub), but she was born in Silverton and for many years her parents ran the Museum across the road.

The old Municipal Chambers
The Hotel early in the morning

This vehicle is decorated with bottle tops!

There are some really whacky things around Silverton, including the vehicle above, and there is a roaming donkey.  I was in the pub when two young girls ran in breathless as they had been chased by the donkey.

Beyond the town of Silverton is a look out over the Mundi Mundi Plains, where there is barely a tree and one can see the curvature of the earth's surface.  Beyond that is a dam which supplies the water to the locals.  Quite an interesting place.  Well worth a visit and a stay.