Road Rage in Broken Hill

I did intend to post about this episode earlier - as it did happen in Broken Hill a few weeks ago.  I was driving cautiously around BH because I was not overly familiar with the roads.  One afternoon I was driving from the Centro Shopping Centre and as I approached a roundabout I saw a vehicle approaching the roundabout from the right, but it was some distance away and I felt I had ample time to enter the roundabout and did so.

I did a right hand turn and exited and soon was aware that a four wheel drive was driving closely behind me and then he lined up beside me - on the left hand side.  I became aware that he was yelling at me.  My windows were closed, and I chose to ignore him and keep my eyes to the front. He travelled for about 600 metres yelling at me, and I kept looking ahead, though I could see via my peripheral vision that there was an angry bald headed (I suggest he shaved off his hair!), and his big arms, one which was dangling out the window, was covered in tattoos and he was quite menacing.  I headed into the busier part of the city.  He was a big bloke and rather scary.

A red light at an intersection stopped me, and he pulled up beside me and continued to yell.  I also saw, still keeping from eye balling him, that he put his hand to his head, indicating shooting his head.  I guess he meant to express that he would like to shoot me in the head!!  As I said, it was a bit scary, but I did not react to him at all.  I continued into the city centre and he pulled away and drove off.

On reflection, I can only think that I surprised him, and if he was speeding, which I tend to believe that he was, it was all his fault.  I don't think I did anything wrong.  If I did, it was accidental.  I didn't mean to cause any problem.  Anyway, I am glad I don't live in Broken Hill, and I was keen to leave - lest I meet up with him somewhere else.

Road Rage is so stupid.  To see so much anger on the roads is really a worry.  I've seen several events, even in Adelaide, that makes on think about the mentality of these angry folk.

PS  Have been reading of the awful events in Brisbane with naked and violent road ragers.  Scary stuff.