Penrose Park, Jack and the Apostle Birds

After my day at Daydream Mine, and exploring Silverton I spent the night in the Penrose Park Caravan park in one of the dongas (cabins).  There were huge numbers of birds around, cockatoos, corellas, crows, and so many more I could not identify.  Not far from my cabin were peacocks too (I wish they would not call out during the night - so annoying!), and the Apostle Birds or Grey Jumpers.  The noise from the birds at times was a bit much - but I did enjoy it really.

The apostle birds are quite friendly little fellows, and one had a baby near my cabin - teaching it something, though I could not work it all out.  Apparently they congregate in groups of 12 - hence the name of them.

An apostle bird

There was a sort of mini zoo at the caravan park, with goats, sheep, ducks, etc, and a variety of birds and one of these was Jack.  Jack is a corella, and loves performing 0 much of it done from inside a tree trunk.  Apparently, according to the caretakers, people think it is a recording from within the tree trunk, but if you watch my video you will see him perform on his stage in front of me, before going to his tree trunk.