Friday, December 28

My Old High School

One place I love to visit is the Adelaide Markets - not necessarily to buy anything, though I usually do, but just to wander around and peruse the wide variety of product on sale.  It seemed that it was not as busy as usual and I had a leisurely stroll from where I parked my car to the market, around the market and back again.

I parked in Grote Street, so walked past my old school.  I spent just one school year at Adelaide Girls High School, doing the special Commercial Course after doing three years of an Academic Course at Brighton High School.  I knew that it was no longer in use as a high school, and if I recall correctly the last time I saw the old building it was a Wine club or something.  I am pleased to see it is now a school, a Montessori School.  I took some photos.

It was originally a high school for boys and girls, started in 1908, but later the boys moved to the new school on West Terrace, and in 1979 boys and girls were back together, this time at the West Terrace campus.

I bought some cheese, roasted garlic hommus, dried tomatoes, and  a half a Peking Duck and have already tasted most.  (I have two cheeses to test later.)

I learned on the news later that there were celebrations at Glenelg, with the Prime Minister and other dignitaries, to celebrate Proclamation Day, when South Australia - according to Wikipedia "Proclamation Day in South Australia celebrates the establishment of government in South Australia as a British province. The proclamation was made by Captain John Hindmarsh beside The Old Gum Tree at the present-day suburb of Glenelg on 28 December 1836."

Perhaps if I had known about the celebrations I may have gone - as some of my ancestors arrived on the good ship Buffalo in 1836.  The replica of the Buffalo is in trouble too - it needs a lot of work (and a lot of $$$$'s to restore.)

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