Saturday, December 22

Monarto Zoo

The opportunity arose to go to Monarto Zoo with my neice, her small (almost 2 year old) son and a friend, and we met there.  Funnily when I phoned to say I had arrived to see where to meet and they too had just arrived and were parked only metres from me in the car park.

Meerkat on guard duty

We walked to the Visitors centre, wandered around the exhibits there, including a retail shop, and then headed off to see the  meer cats, rock wallabies and chimpanzees.

There was a very popular animal at the chimpanzee section, but not so easy to photograph behind glass, but wonderful to watch.  It was a mother and baby.

We watched as all the chimpanzees were enticed into their wonderful 'yard' and apples were thrown for them to catch, eat, and there was quite a bit of fun as they chased the fruit.

There is a shuttle bus that takes visitors around the zoo - safely inside the bus!  (Challenging for photograpyhy).  

Mother and baby rhino

Great to see these lions

Mongolian Horses

I bought a ticket (discount) to attend the Adelaide Zoo - must go and see the pandas.

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