House Sit I won't do again.

I am in Adelaide and delighted to have a house sit, so that I didn't have to impose on family.  I even envisaged entertaining them at the house sit, but I am so disappointed with a number of aspects of the house sit, that it will go down in my notes as the worst one.

The family are a professional family and there is no doubt that they are amazingly talented people, but house cleaning etc is not their area of expertise.  I did see the house when I met them, and saw it as a crazy full on - kids and toys, and pets everywhere, but when I came on my own, I saw it closer.  It is dirty everywhere.  The cats and dogs have access to the back of the house (which includes the laundry, kitchen and family room), and they are none too clean.  The back yard stinks from the animals, including the chook house, and I am not impressed with their animal care.  The dogs need a good groom, and one of the cats has matted fur.

I found a dead mouse in a cupboard.  And so it goes.  I must say I do enjoy sitting at a huge table with my computer doing some writing when all my animal chores are done, but I cannot sit on the lounge chair to watch television (not that this is my favourite pasttime!), because the daggy doggies sit on it.

The house is a very old house, probably close to 100 years old and needs a lot of work on it, and there is a lot of work with all the animals.  There's a lot of work needed on the yard, and in the garden.

Essentially I am not happy here and will be counting the days until I move on.


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