Sunday, December 23

Heat and Animals

Today the weather is predicted to be HOT!  39 degrees HOT.  Adelaide HOT.  The morning sun blazes into the family room where I have parked my computer, books etc, and I have dog snoring beside me.  Loudly!!  I have watered and fed all the animals today, and given my bunny friend a frozen bottle of water.  If he gets too hot, he will get close to it to cool him down.

The owner rang today - she sent me two text messages which I ignored.  Actually I didn't - but for reasons I cannot explain, I thought it was from another friend of the same name, and sent that one an email.  She probably thinks I've lost the plot!  The owner thought I had deserted!!!

It was good to speak with her as I am worried about the lizard.  I haven't seen it since I have been here.  Is it dead?  I have no idea, but the owner told me that the lizard sometimes does this, and not to worry.  Also I have had some issues with eggs.  The hens are laying it outside my reach in a corner of the pen that requires a 3 foot high contortionist to reach it!  (Don't worry.  Ignore it - says the owner.  Phew!)  The lizard apparently is a huge Blue Tongue Lizard.  

Soon the sun will be more above the room and not heating my back from the window.  The room is like a 'conservatory' with and expanse of windows on two sides and plenty of fresh air.  I'd love to have my own studio like this.  There are fancy fabric curtains (that should come with instructions on how to use them) and I have managed to shut out some of the early morning sun.  I don't mind it - except today - as it is such a bright room.  Two cats and dogs occasionally wander around, but normally they are asleep somewhere, and I can hear Snora Dora (not her real name), so I know where she is.

The dogs are quite good, but I would prefer they spend more time outdoors.

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