Monday, December 31

End of 2012 - Reflection

2012 was a big year for me, and I think 2013 will be another big year.  It is not easy to record every wonderful thing that I experienced in 2012, but here are some that I have listed:

Great things to remember from 2012

The love and support from my special family
The support and friendship of many special people
Spending time with grandchildren at sporting and school events
Completing my Master of Arts
Graduation in Melbourne in September
My mother reaching her 97th birthday in October
Visiting Adelaide and Perth in February
Travelling to Bali in February
Various house sits during the year
• Getting my very own new Mitsubishi Lancer in March
Being on the Advisory Board of Griffith University Friends of the Library
Travelling with a special friend in Melbourne and Adelaide in September
Catching up with nursing friends from Mt Gambier Hospital in Adelaide in September
Setting off from Brisbane in November and travelling via Miles, Charleville, Bourke and Broken Hill arriving in Adelaide to spend Christmas with my mother and sister.
Planning my round Australia journey

I have probably forgotten a few things too..................

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