Cobar to Broken Hill

I was prepared for the long stretch from Cobar to Broken Hill - had water and snacks in the car (in my cooler) and set off around 9.30 am.  It was 256 kms to Wilcannia and a further 196 to Broken Hill, so quite a hike really.  Weather was good - in fact from November 25th to December 11th (today) there has been no bad weather.  I was hoping it wouldn't rain - makes the roads messy and more dangerous, so was pleased to have blue skies, and occasional cloud cover.  Really great for driving.  I had a wonderful run - and as I drive around 100 kms (often marginally less) it gives me a chance to admire the scenery as I pass, and I often stop and take a photo, though it is not always safe to do so.

I took this photo - I do use my GPS, just have it on and have found the speed to be more accurate than my speedo, and I know when there is a bend in the road, well before I can see it!  Mostly though the road is just one straight line!

Along the highways there are frequent rest stops - many have seating, tables, under cover, toilets and rubbish bins (though I see that there are some lazy travellers as often there is much rubbish floating around these places!).  Certainly lots of opportunities to take a rest from driving and walk around - often there are vans or motorhomes or other vehicles, so chatting with other travellers is common.  I do stop every 60 kms or so.  No real plan, but I do.  I have my supply of CD's, and music and recordings of Margaret Throsby's interviews (Midday Interview) on Classic ABC Radio, so I chop and change these as I go.  I join in the singing too - love a loud and cheery song, and am glad that no one can hear me try to sing!

So far my little Mitsubishi Lancer has been great - economical with fuel, and a joy to drive.  So far no problems.  I am so happy with it - though perhaps I would have liked it slightly bigger for my camping gear!  I do manage to squeeze everything in!

On the road into Broken Hill there were a row of trees - one or two devoid of leaves, but decorated with strange things.  One had baseball caps of every colour, and another had foot wear (see photo below), another had soft toys - I can't remember all, but it was quite funny and typical of Aussie humour.

Shoes and thongs

Soft toys
I haven't felt unsafe at all, as I keep to the main road, but I did learn later of one man who lost his life near Broken Hill, after a crash of some kind, and he and his friends separated to get help.  Certainly it is treacherous country off the main roads, and I do take care.  Read the story here.

I reached Broken Hill mid afternoon, booked into the Charles Rasp Motel, and then went for a drive around town, visiting the Broken Hill Information Centre,  Julie Hart's Gallery, and then on to her late father's gallery - Pro Hart Gallery.

The Musician's Club in Broken Hill is a popular spot, and I did go there thinking I might have dinner there, but I perused the menu and then decided I did not want to sit there alone with my meal, so left and found Hungry Jack's.  Mmmm.  Anyway, back in my room I enjoyed my burger, and watched television until I became sleepy and 'hit the sack'.