Thursday, December 27

Christmas in Adelaide

As best I can recall this is the first Christmas that I have spent with my sister and my mother in around 50 years.  Usually when we travelled south from Brisbane to visit family it was after the Christmas period.  It certainly has been a long, long time.

My sister called for me around 8.45 am, (nearly 40 minutes late - I thought she had forgotten me!) and we went to her daughter's home for Christmas breakfast, of ham, cheese and mushroom croissants and fruit.  Then it was gift opening.  Watching my  great nephew open his copious gifts and play with them was a treat. He's nearly two years old, quite smart, and kept us all amused as he tried one gift after another.  The favourites?   A toaster - a small plastic device with plastic toast which pops up,  a basketball goal set, and the best?  A kitchen from Ikea.

We visited our mother in the nursing home - she was quite confused about it all (the dementia) and refused to believe it was Christmas.  It is hard to engage with her sometimes, but she happily looked at a photo album about two of her great grandchildren.  She's 97 - so we never know what the future holds for her (and us!).

Then it was on to the home of a long time friend of my sister, a couple I too have known for a long time.  We ha a grand dinner which included prawns, salmon, salad, and copious desserts!  It was sad that I was not with my own children and their children, but we did chat with them several times on the day, and on Boxing Day.

On Boxing Day, we met again at my neice's places for a wonderfully relaxed afternoon, and a great BBQ dinner, while watching Master Nearly Two, continue to play with his wonderful toys, and in his sand pit and pool.

As I left their home I went to see my grandparents home in Prospect, just a few streets away from our niece's home.  It is just around from RM Williams Museum and Shop, the street now with healthy trees on both sides of the road.  Sadly I could see little of the house as it has a tall fence and lots of trees in front of the house.  Memories though came back of visiting Wally there over 50 years ago.

All in all a great Christmas!!!!

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