Charleville is a  hot dry dusty place, nestled on the banks of the now sleepy Warrego River some 750 kms from Brisbane.  It is a  place full of great interest.  I had time to look around, and take a break from driving when I arrived.  The first visit was to the Information Centre at the Cosmos Centre, which is at the entrance to the Charleville Airport.

For those interested in the Cosmos it is an awesome experience - and though it is not normally a hot subject for me, I found it fascinating.  They have a film rolling all the time, many interactive exhibits and I am sure younger people could spend hours there.

The next morning I was up early to take photos of the Warrego River and other parts of Charleville.  The river was quiet and peaceful, but it doesn't take much imagination to see what happens when it floods.  There are books at the Cosmos Centre full of photos of the flooding over the years. They do have a huge levee banks, but these sometimes do not hold back all the water.  Would be a bit scary to live here.

There are several bridges over the Warrego, one which is still in use is in need of repair, but there is a more modern one gracing the river.  It is hard to call it a river - there is so little water in it at the moment.

There is a park which is clearly frequented by kangaroos, but has the most amazing display of canna lillies (see photo of yellow flowers above.)  As I walked through the park I was looking for the kangaroos, but came across a huge flock of geese.  Knowing how they can be rather nasty I skirted around them.


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