Buying a Fountain Pen

Do you use fountain pens?  Have you bought one lately?  I remember that when I was in China and South Korea I bought some, and they are now sitting in my shipping container in Brisbane, and since I have made a commitment to write more letters by hand in 2013, I am going to buy one.  I have had a look around in shops here in Adelaide and am shocked at the cost of them.

I do have my eyes on a German branded one, a Lamy, which is around $A50, but I will keep looking today to see if I can find one that is less expensive.  I have learned a lot about Hand Writing in the past few days as I have been researching it, after coming across some information (accidentally) on the Internet.

Handwriting is in decline - many of us do our writing with the aid of a computer, and some people just done do any handwriting, so instead of handwriting being an everyday 'activity', it is becoming an 'art' - something that I am hoping to encourage with my family and friends.    Hence the seeking of a fountain pen, as I find them so much more interesting to write with.  I have also set up a blog about Hand Writing too.

The cost of fountain pens is amazing - from a 'low' $50 or so, up to thousands.  Thousands?  I guess some of the big brands e.g. Parker, Watermans, Sheaffer, and it appears Lamy are big ticket items - right up to thousands, and I have learned that there are collectors of such items too.

I wonder how many of us really appreciate getting a letter in the mail, where the address has been handwritten, or the message/letter inside is handwritten?  


Mairin Glenney said…
I would love to travel to Australia! Check out my blog at
Di Hill said…
It's a big place - come on down.

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