Monday, December 31

Bamboo, Pandas and Brighton Beach

I had a ticket to the Adelaide Zoo, and set out to see the Panda's mainly.  I have visited the zoo on a number of occasions over the past few years, but the Giant Panda's are a new addition, as is the new entry to the zoo on the Botanical Gardens side of the zoo.

Giant Panda's are an endangered species, and despite living in China I had never seen one.  So as Adelaide Zoo is the only place in Australia to see one I wanted to see them.  There is a male and a female, and they live in separate quarters until the mating season.  The boy, Wang Wang, is apparently a big rough on his girlfriend, Funi, so they are kept apart.  You can watch a video of them here.

There's plenty of parking there, though you must pay (tickets at the machine) though I had to do extra leg work as not all the machines were working.  Luckily the Pandas were not far from the new entry, so didn't have far to go.

Panda (Behind glass)


More bamboo

After the Zoo I went to DFO which is adjacent to the Adelaide Airport and wandered around the many shops and sales, but resisted!!!  Then on to Brighton, as I was looking at taking some photos.  Would love to have been in a building high over the waterfront, but this is the best I can do.


A couple, after having visited the Giant Panda's put their two children on a ceramic panda nearby for a photo. The children were most suspicious of the panda and had to be convinced that they were quite safe.  After the photo was taken (and I clicked my camera to get a shot) the older boy stood up and proudly announced that he had donged the panda's willy.  The father looked at me, and unsuccessfully hiding his mirth, said "Come on, let's go and find your Mummy and Daddy" and added to me. "They are not my boys" as the mother dissolved in laughter.  So did I!!!

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