Wednesday, December 19

All about Cherries

Knowing I was to spend a long period in Adelaide during summer, I was looking forward to stone fruit.  I would be there right in the midst of the middle of the season.  In some ways it would remind me of my school holidays in summer - when we prepared all the produce from our back yard fruit trees - jams, preserves etc.  Still the taste of freshly harvested fruit is something special and I look forward to it.

However, I have arrived in Adelaide in the midst of the best cherry season the growers of the Adelaide Hills have had for a long time.  They are around $9 a kilo, and they a plump and juice and I have bought some almost every time I have stepped into a fruiterer and I am looking forward to going to the Adelaide markets to see what is on offer there.

I have plans to make some chocolate baskets with cherries as my contribution for the Christmas Day fare, but meanwhile I will just 'test' the cherries.

Today in the supermarket, I found another cherry treat.  Woolworths had a great special - Cherry Icecream at $1.50 a tub.  I couldn't resist.  Yum.

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