Some Thoughts on House Sitting

I only have six more nights at this house sit - before moving back to my daughter's place for a few days before I set off on my journey.  A few have happened at this house, that have made me reflect.

A week or so ago, I noticed finger prints around the door of the owners car.  It is thick with dust - undercover and as I don't have the key, it stays where it is.  Did someone come and do something to the car?  A would be robber perhaps?  I  was alert to the possibilities, but wasn't sure.

Last night I received a strange phone call from Origin (the company that supplies electricity) saying the bill had not been paid, so I called the family member who was 'in charge' of matters financial. Family members came and sorted through the mail.  It seems the home owner pays all the accounts automatically online, so it was a strange!  It appears that there were some changes made as she is about to have solar panels put on the house.  Another call came through later again reminding that the bill needed to be paid, or else the electricity would be cut.  Help!!!!  I am sure it will be paid, if it has not been done already.

Then the dog was chasing something in the garden, and we found a big cane toad.  While one family member held it in the spotlight of my small torch, and the other went looking for something sharp, I donged it with a broom, and it was quickly caught and put in a plastic bag for disposal.  Then Allie (the dog) found another small one, which I also donged, but it disappeared.  So poor Allie was locked in the house overnight.  Luckily she didn't get any poison, and is sitting happily beside me as I write.

I learned that the family had indeed been at the house, and it was they who opened the owner's car door, and quite appropriately started it up.  However, I would have appreciated a note or an SMS to say they had been to allay my concerns about a possible intruder.

After saving Allie from the toad, I have come into the house and in the bathroom was a huge spider, which sadly I had to kill.  Insect spray works well!!!

When I look around I have piles of things to sort through before I leave.  One pile is the camping gear - tent, inflatable bed, various bags (one with all my brochures and travel magazines).  I have a pile of clothes on my bed, now two printers as I had to do some extra printing for someone, and so on.  It is a fact that a long house sit (and this one has been two months) one gathers things.  Especially as I am setting out to travel and I have bags of Christmas gifts which I hope to distribute to the appropriate families this week.  I have no cupboard space.  I just have boxes and small piles of bits and pieces.  I had wardrobe space but no hangers.  I have food, but apart from the refrigerator no space to store my meagre supplies.

I intend to leave the house as good as, if not better, than when I arrived.  I have lots of work to do.


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