Requiem for Eli

As I have mentioned earlier I listen to ABC Classic Radio.  Several times recently I have heard a special piece of music played.  Yesterday when in the car I heard it and wrote down the name, to remind me to look up details of it.  Again I heard it this morning.

A search on YouTube brought up the video below, and the extra ordinary story of how Australian composer Nigel Westlake came to change something he had been working on, to a glorious tribute to his son, Eli, who tragically was killed in 2008.

The video below tells the story and you hear some of the music, but if you want to hear it all, you will have to buy the CD - it is available at ABC Bookshops and online.

While researching Nigel Westlake I came across a website called  "Happiness and it's Causes" - an organisation that has been operating for some either years.  There is an awesome conference in Melbourne in June next year with some amazing speakers.

Today I have shed tears, about Nigel's story and after listening again to some of the music of Eli's Requiem, which I will buy very soon.  I'd love to go to the conference so I will try and work out how to do so.

There is a CD at ABC bookshops for around $20, or at ABC Bookshops online.

ps  I bought the CD on 3/11/2012 and just love the music! I will post more about the story of the music which I found on the CD packet.


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