Plans Underway

Every day now, I make further plans, check my list of things to do and to take, and count the days until I leave Brisbane on my epic journey around Australia.  I must say there are days when I have almost panic attacks thinking about it, but mostly I look forward to it all with great excitement and enthusiasm.

I've put the tent up, but acknowledge that a little bit of male help, or at least a second person, would be great, and I managed to fold it up and fit it back in the bag - though folk have told me that was the most difficult part and I managed it first go.

On the food side, I have started collecting items to take. Coles have skim milk in UHT packs at $1 each, so I have a good supply of those and some meal replacements. Bargain at that price and I have tried it and quite like the taste, even with the meal replacement powder.   I figure that using these will help me save money and perhaps even lose weight!  I've bought a few containers of tasty meal replacements, as well as a range of other foods.  I could probably live for almost two weeks off the supplies I already have, and that is all I need initially to  get to Adelaide.  I will eat food, fresh fruit and vegetables especially and look forward to a steak on the barbie occasionally too.

I have booked my first accommodation at Miles, some 5 hours drive from Brisbane. My first port of call. I had been excited to stay at a place called Possum Park - as I do want to stay at unusual places.  I will of course stay in some motels, but if I can get accommodation at a fair price at an interesting place I will do so.


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