Old Places

Often I am surprised to see derelict homes and sheds in suburbia - and reflect on the story.  My previous post with the old house rigt in the midst of a suburb less than 20 kms from the city centre.  Today's photos are from around Birkdale on the outer fringes of Brisbane city, where there are many more acreage properties and many acres of bushland, market gardens, flower farms etc.

Above is a derelict home on the edge of a market garden - you can see the worker (owner?) tilling the plot by hand.  I remember once, a long time ago, I used to buy vegetables from the farm here - from a shed near a house on the other side of the plot.

This old farmshed is on government property now.  I am not sure what is done on the property now - it is huge, and out of bounds, but the old shed hangs in there.


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