Lest We Forget

I don't know if everyone remembers it as well as I do, or perhaps as folk who were around in the 1950's, 60's, and 70's would remember so clearly, but I would never be able to forget Remembrance Day, in part because both my parents were in the Army, but living in post Second World War II Australia, war was at that time recent history.

I know that on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, at the eleventh hour, we stopped and remembered.  Lest We Forget.  The ceremony is clear in my memory - the words and the mournful sound of the trumpet.

Today I saw it on television - I had just turned television on to the Cricket at Woolloongabba here in Queensland, in time to see the end of the ceremony there.  It did, as always, move me and tears do fill my eyes.  I think age is making me more emotional about a lot of things - especially ceremony.

My mother is now 97 years old.  Her birthday was last month - and sadly I was not able to be with her as she is in Adelaide and I am in Brisbane.  I will see her in a few weeks.  I know she would want to, but not sure if she would remember what this day is all about.

Dementia is a terrible condition, robbing her of her memory, though sometimes I am grateful that she does not remember much, as she lives in her own twilight sort of world, where, for the most part she has found happiness.


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