Last Few Days

I am a bit fragile these last few days - is it contemplating the huge task I have driving around Australia solo, or is it the bashing threat of last weekend, is it the thought of packing up and moving, and fitting everything else into my life at the moment, or could I just be very tired?

Last night I handed over the reigns to a new President of Bayside South Development Forum, Inc. so a new team will take on the responsibility for taking the organisation forward.  I wish them good fortune.

I am going to miss being around Wynnum, as I also contemplate not returning to this place when I finish my journey.  Still undecided.  We will see what life brings.

Earlier this week I took my camera to Wynnum - just a few photos that I thought I would share.   I do like photographing old buildings.  This derelict house is not far from the Wynnum CBD.  Not far away was this sight - which always amuses me when I pass.  Who would have thought of using a car for this?

I am headed out today to take pictures of some sights around Birkdale.


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