Is it the last House Sit?

Well, it is for a while, that's for sure, with my Driving Oz Adventure starting on Sunday.  I moved out of the last house sit yesterday.  The owner came home and saw my pile of stuff to pack into the car.  It is surprising how much stuff one accumulates.  I have quite a few things - in part because I don't have a base, and in part because I actually use a lot of things.  I had my sewing machine and my sewing box with me this time, and a bag of wool, needles and fabric.  I must keep busy, and crochet, knitting and playing with fabric helps me.  I will take a bag of wool and needles and crochet hook with me on my travels!

I had two bags of shoes to pack yesterday - some are going to the poor, two pairs I don't wear any more but are still in good condition.  I had bags of food - some just bits and pieces that I will eat over the next few days and others I have ready for the journey.

My computer, printers, etc and so it goes.  I saw on TV a lady who flies from place to place for house sitting - I don't think I could do that!  Maybe that is the way to downsize.

Oh, well, from Sunday, it is whatever fits in the car!!  And no, no roof racks.