Digital Conference

I received an invitation to Click! Digital Expo through the Bayside South Development Forum, Inc, of which I have been president for the last two years.  The AGM is tonight (November 14th) and I have my fingers crossed that there are volunteers to take over from me as I will be on my journey from November 25th.

It was an all day event at the Sofitel Hotel in Brisbane, conveniently located above the Brisbane Central Railway Station.  The various conference rooms were the venue for speakers on a range of topics about the digital age.  Some were way beyond my ability to understand, but of course, I am not a high flying business person with huge needs in the digital sphere.  Interesting as it all was, I am highly unlikely to even be associated with those who are using, or should use these products and services.

I was invited to listen to Lord Mayor Graham Quirk's address, and I was mightily impressed.  It seems that there are only two major cities in the world that have focused on the digital world and what it can do for their cities, and their people.  One is New York (should be no surprises there!) and the other is,  (drum roll.................) Brisbane.  Did you know we have our very own Chief Digital Officer, and our city subsequently has a Digital Strategy.

Recently 500 businesses in Brisbane were surveyed about their digital awareness, capabilities and plans, and those and other information is available at a website, Digital Brisbane.

One question for those in business, or in not for profit organisations is -

Do you have a Digital Strategy?  Mmm. I'll have to think about that one.

It is more than just having a website, and an email address.

Several of Brisbane's "Digital Champions" were in a discussion panel and explained what they do, how they do it etc, and clearly there are some awesome results out there.

(As a postscript I note my daughter, after failing to find a carpark after 45 frustrating minutes of driving around Carindale Shopping Centre, has decided to do all her Christmas Shopping online.)

Food for thought!!!


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