Berlin Wall

I guess that few people, unless they are around my vintage or older can remember much of events in Europe following World War II.  OK, I was born just prior to the end of the war, so clearly have little memory of much of it, though I do recall as a child sharing the fear of my parents and others, who wondered if any other such catastrophe would pit country against country again, and slam us into the destruction and death that was World War II.  I certainly can recall having nightmares about it - as it was the topic of conversation at times with the adults around me - perhaps partly becasue both my parents had been in the military.

It is recognised that on this day, in 1989, that the Berlin Wall came down.  It didn't happen overnight, but piece by piece, bit by bit, it was pulled down.  People from both sides came with hammers, and various tools and helped demolish this blight on Germany.

There is much to read about this sad part of history - and perhaps Wikipedia will give readers some insights.

There are more images here. 

Also Time LIFE magazine has a series of photographs that are worth looking at too.  Click here to see them.

War is so terrible, and I don't like it, but unfortunately there are some wicked people in the world that we need to protect ourselves and our country from - so our military must be prepared to fight, and sadly die.  This week is a time to reflect on what sacrifices are made by those who protect us!

Lest We Forget.


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