World Wombat Day

I heard about this celebration on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission radio) this morning and had to have a little chuckle to myself.  Really!  World Wombat Day???

Now I know a little about this animal that is native to Australia, but where I live we only see them in zoos, but I know I am likely to meet one or two in my travels as I drive around our huge country.

They are known in Queensland, but one species, the hairy nose wombat is endangered and there are efforts by various groups to safeguard them.  Dingoes in Queensland are their enemy - these wild dogs will kill and eat the wombats.

Wombat (from Wikipedia)
I am going to the Sunshine Coast today with a friend, but most unlikely that I will see on of these, and I am not sure how to celebrate the day.

There are a number of wombat products available, so I will look out for them.

I don't recall that I have ever touched one - they are usually behind a low wall in an animal park or zoo, and they are rather solitary and you'd hardly find one to come up for a pat or a scratch behind the ears.

Oh, well.  Today I will smile and think about World Wombat Day.


Binky said…
Wombat Day is a very important day for some of us! I'm glad it got mentioned on the radio.
Di Hill said…
I had not heard of it before - as they say you can learn something new every day. Thank you for your comment. D

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