World Postal Day

Today is World Post Day! .  You can read about it here at this website.

“World Post Day marks the anniversary of the Universal Postal Union's establishment and is annually held on October 9. The union aimed to create and maintain a structure for the free flow of international mail around the world.” according to the website.

In our modern world there is less mail being delivered into letterboxes, as we use electronic methods, however, I would encourage readers to endeavour to send one piece of mail per week, and my suggestion is that you send

(a) Thank you cards.  There are so many folk who have given you good service, good friendship, perhaps an idea, or a helping hand, and deserve a thanks.  Getting it in the mail with a hand written note is far more rewarding than a cursory thankyou in an email or on FB.
(b) Thinking of you card.  So many people are lonely or depressed, and would appreciate something to lift their spirits.
(c) Put some colour in your day.  Put some coloured paper confetti in an envelope and send with a message to someone saying “Hope this puts a little colour in your day” (or if you are in the US – you’d say color!)
(d) Write a letter.  A senior member of your family or community would appreciate a handwritten letter about your or the families activities.
(e) Leave a note of thanks for your postie.

Keep our posties employed.  Write and post a letter.


If you take photos, use them to make your own cards.

I print them (6" x 4") and glue them to blank white cards, and then a lot of people see my photos.

(Here are some I did earlier)


Christine said…
Hi again, the trouble is that so much can be done at the computer, that we get lazy. Will try and send some letters though.
By the way, can you let me know how to get the Austalian women bloggers directory onto my blog too?

House sitting tails.. I have added my blog to their list as an ongoing thing. Thanks;
Di Hill said…
Do you mean the banner? I will phone you. D
Anonymous said…
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